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Tropiquatics is proud to carry a wide variety of aquarium supplies. Whether you are new to the hobby, or if you are an experienced hobbyist, we have everything you need to set up and maintain a beautiful looking aquarium. Come in and check out our high quality selection!

Tropiquatics has many tank sizes available! We typically carry everything from 1 to 125 gallon tanks and kits. You can find everything standard, rounded, reef ready, and rimless here.

No matter your budget, Tropiquatics has every kind of reliable filtration you could ask for. We carry hang on the back, canister, and sponge filters regularly- and the corresponding or custom media to put inside. 

Tropiquatics is the best place to get hardscape, substrate, and plastic pieces! We have a beautiful selection of driftwood show pieces, rocks, gravel, sand, and decor.

One of the most important things to keeping your fish happy and healthy is providing them with the right diet! We have a large range of fish foods to chose from in any size or shape.


From your basic LED lighting to high end plant  lights, we have it all here a Tropiquatics! While we rarely stock fluorescent bulbs, don't forget we can special order them for you!

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