Here at Tropiquatics Pet Center, we specialize in a wide variety of fresh water fish you can add to your tank from our friendly community of glowing tetra to something more exotic and aggressive like one of our Red Devil cichlids! There's a reason Amphilophus labiatus is nicknamed the Red Devil. He would devour Mr. Blue here.

There is a reason why Koi are a national pastime. There are over 4 dozen different types of Koi and, although we may not have every type on hand, we are very proud of our selection. If there is a particular Koi you and/or your loved ones may want, we can get it for you.

Come on Down and check out our selection of Clown Fish, or how about a Hepatus Tang ( a.k.a. Dory), or this Purple tang, or a Dogface Pufferfish, and as always, if we don't have it on hand, we can always get it for you. Just let us know!