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Contact Info
Phone: (847)848-1323

Whether you have been in the aquarium hobby for years or just starting off, one thing is for sure maintaining a aquarium is not always so easy.
Here at Tropi-Quatics, we know how much time goes in maintaining aquariums. Whether it's general maintenance, starting up or tearing down a tank, Nick's Aquatic Maintenance does it all!
The owner of Nick's Aquatic Maintenance is none other then one of Tropi-Quatics past employees and a long time friend. Nick has been in the aquarium industry for 15 years and has been in the hobby for 18 years. He is an experienced aquarium expert that preforms tank cleaning, aquarium maintenance, and custom installations for both salt and fresh water aquariums. He also works with all types of filtration systems from hang on the backs, canisters, and sumps. He is very well versed in plumbing aquarium sumps. His operating hours are Monday-Saturday from 8am-6pm.


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