Here at Tropi-quatics we offer many aquarium services through our good friend Nick Coleman such as, tank maintenance, installations, breakdowns, plumbing, and many more! If your looking for maintenance on your freshwater or saltwater tank let us know!

We will be carrying New Life Spectrum food Buckets at cheaper prices then most online retailers including Amazon. We will have buckets in the following flavors.
  1. Naturox* Cichlid Fish Formula 1mm Sinking Freshwater – 2200g $59.99
  2. Naturox Thera-A Medium – 2200g $59.99
  3. Naturox Optimum Flakes – 600g $55.99
  4. Naturox AlgaeMAX 1mm Pellet – 2200g $65.99
We will be getting in different flavors at big savings as they become available to us.
If there is a pellet size or flavor you are looking for we will get it for you just ask.
We are very proud to be the only store to carry Cade aquariums in the USA. These all in one aquariums which have thick construction starpphire ultra clear glass with zero iron giving you the clearest viewing pleasure. All tanks come with a metal stand with dual power strips to plug in all your accessories. these beautiful tanks also come with a sump which is multi chambered and almost the same size as the fish tank itself ! The Cade aquariums also come with all of the plumbing and wave makers sump pump and a top off system needed up to the 125 gallon tank models in the premium series aquarium line. Both pictures has the gallon amount tank dimensions and the price. please look at the pictures and info and call us for anything else you need. Some tanks will take 30 days to get with payment. Financing is available along with a monthly payment plan for a no questions asked warranty. We do have a a 50 gallon Cade all in one tank available in the store for sale. Please check out our videos of the sale and install we did on an 8 foot 395 gallon show tank stunner with our maintenance guys at Aquatic Maintenance run by Tropi Nick Coleman. if you need a tank moved or maintained give him a call @ 1847.848.1323.

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