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Weekly Stock List is out! 5/21/24


Many have already noticed our deliveries and fish restocking days have been a little mixed up! For the upcoming months, you can expect:

Tuesday: fish and plant restocking (previously Friday)

Thursday: larger fish restock (previously Monday), minnow/bait delivery

Thank you for your patience!

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Freshwater Warranty

  • Non club members receive a 3 day warranty. Club members receive a 7 day warranty.

  • The following MUST be provided to receive the warranty; your receipt, the fish & a separate water sample! If the water test shows high ammonia or nitrates, then the warranty becomes void!

  • If the dead fish is in the water sample then we will not be able to get an accurate water test result, therefore resulting in the warranty being voided.

  • Some freshwater species have no warranty due to being sensitive such as shrimp, rams and discus. Sensitive species are marked on the tanks with "(No Guarantee)".

  • Fish that are killed by other fish will not receive a warranty. If unsure about fish compatibility please speak with an associate.

Other Livestock Warranties

  • Live plants have no warranty.

  • Feeders have no warranty. Feeders are meant to be fed to other animals and not to be kept as pets! We are not responsible for any feeders after the time of purchase.

  • Saltwater livestock has no warranty.

  • Reptiles and Small animals have a 3 day warranty for those without a club membership. Those who have a club membership receive a 7 day warranty.

Dry Good Return Policy

  • No cash refunds are issued for returns. Instore credit is offered only. No credit after 30 days

  • Must be unused, in original packing and have the receipt.

  • For products with manufacturing issues please contact the manufacturer. We are not responsible for any products that have issues due to manufacturing errors.

Store Policy on Holds

  • Unpaid holds are for 24 hours only!

  • Paid holds are for 7 days unless otherwise extended by a manager.

  • Any livestock on hold will not have a guarantee. This means that no refund will be issued if livestock dies!

  • Failure to pick up held livestock or item(s) by set time will result in them becoming for sale again .

Our Warranties & Polices

Products are subject to price changes.
Please call ahead of time. 

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